Efficiency matters

High work rates, particularly in the autumn are important to:

  • Optimise timeliness of herbicide applications and so optimise weed control.
  • Make the most of limited spray days in the autumn.
  • Spread capital and operating costs over larger areas.
  • Operate with the available labour supply.

Stomp Aqua, the most efficient pendimethalin.

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Stomp Aqua increases work rates.

Formulations can influence chemical loading times by the number of containers to be loaded and the ease of pouring and rinsing containers. An evaluation of pendimethalin formulations at Silsoe Spray Applications Unit (NIABTAG) demonstrates that Stomp Aqua is so efficient you’ll load and rinse in half the time:

  • More active ingredient per container so fewer to be poured and stored.
  • Faster pouring time.
  • Less residue in the container reducing rinsing time.
  • Container design improves the washing process.
Table 1. Overall saving on time for 100 hectare application.
ProductStomp AquaAnthemMost Micro
Total pouring & rinsing time (mins)19.333.346.1
Total pouring & rinsing time for 100 hectares (%)04258
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How does Stomp Aqua increase work rates?

Stomp Aqua contains the highest loading of pendimethalin per container which means less cans are needed.

That means less product to transport, store, pour, rinse and packaging to dispose of (see table 2).

Table 2. Profile of straight pendimethalin products available.
ProductAmount of Pendimethalin p/litreAmount of Pendimethalin per container (10 litre)Maximum amount of Pendimethalin permitted per applicationDose rate to apply maximum amount of pendimethalin per applicationNumber of containers required to treat 100 hectares
Stomp Aqua455455013202.929
Most Micro365365013203.636
PDM 330 EC330330013204.040
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Stomp Aqua is the fastest to pour which means it is quicker to empty containers.

Testing conducted at NIABTAG with 3 different spray operators has proven that Stomp Aqua is quicker to pour from the containers than Anthem or Most Micro, in part due to the lower viscosity of Stomp Aqua (see table 3).

Table 3. Pouring times for 100 hectare application.
ProductStomp AquaAnthemMost Micro
Cans required to treat 100 hectares293336
Minutes to pour all cans8.710.711.4
Additional pouring time for 100 hect (%)01924
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Stomp Aqua leaves less residue in the container which means it is quicker to rinse clean.

After emptying the containers of product into the induction hopper, Stomp Aqua leaves only a very thin coating inside the container compared with Anthem and Most Micro.

This was also confirmed in a CIPAC test which is an established test to quantify pourability. The pourability results from the CIPAC MT148.1 test demonstrated that Stomp Aqua left less material after pouring than both Anthem and Most Micro. Most Micro tended to leave the greatest amount of residue (see graph 1). The acceptable limits some establishments have set for the CIPAC MT148.1 (revised) method recommends that all ‘% Residue remaining’ values should fall below 5% (Graph 1). The formulation Most Micro produced values in excess of this target. Stomp Aqua had the lowest quantity of residue after pouring.

The improved pourability and reduced viscosity of Stomp Aqua has the advantage of leaving less residue in the container which is removed more quickly using the induction hopper (see table 4).

Graph 1. Pourability of product from CIPAC test.
Table 4. Rinsing times for a 100 hectare application at full dose.
ProductStomp AquaAnthemMost Micro
Cans required to treat 100 hectares293336
Minutes to rinse all cans10.622.634.7
Additional rinsing time for 100 hect (%)05369
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Stomp Aqua uses BASF Eco-Pack.

Stomp Aqua is packaged in the BASF Eco-Pack which helps to speed up the rinsing process:

  • Central opening.
  • Flexible handle.
  • No foil seals.
  • Embossed logo.
  • Gripping surface.
  • Mono-material.
  • Lightweight design.

Tips to improve work rates:

Reduced travelling time

  • Get as big a sprayer tank as practical.
  • Use lower water rates.
  • Consider extra filling points or bowser/mixer.

Reduced filling time

  • Choose larger can sizes.
  • Use simple tank mixes.
  • Use concentrated formulations.
  • Easy to use formulations.
  • Consider larger capacity pump.

Increased field work rate

  • Increase boom width.
  • Faster ground speed.
  • Reduce water volumes.