Non-staining matters

Because pendimethalin is a dye that will permanently discolour materials it comes into contact with.

No one appreciates equipment they have spent their hard earned money on being stained a permanent yellow colour and because we believe farmers take pride in what they do.


Stomp Aqua is a non-staining pendimethalin that easily washes off equipment.

Stomp Aqua cleanability test.

The cleanability of Stomp Aqua from containers is independent of pH and temperature.

The staining behaviour and ease of rinsing of some pendimethalin products can be affected by the pH and temperature of the water the product is mixed in.

A triple rinse simulation conducted at NIABTAG to evaluate the impact of pH and water temperature has confirmed the rinsability of Stomp Aqua is reliable can be adversely affected.

The test

Plastic strips were dipped into neat product and then tripled rinsed (30 seconds x 3 washings).
Tests were conducted at water temperatures of 5°C, 10°C and 18°C.
Tests were conducted at pH 6 and pH 7.5.

Stomp Aqua washes off almost completely after one 30 second washing independent of temperature and pH. There was no residual yellow staining to the plastic strip after washing.

The solubility of products Anthem and Most Micro is affected by temperature. The higher the temperature then more washing sessions are required to remove the product, adding time to the overall container cleaning process and the residual staining.


The benefits of Stomp Aqua.

Using Stomp Aqua instead of products like Anthem means:

  • The sprayer & its hoses remain the colour they were designed to be instead of being yellow.
  • Sight tubes remain clear not yellow.
  • Empty containers look clean after rinsing, not yellow.
  • The spray solution sprays clear.

Stomp Aqua, the most efficient pendimethalin.

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