Stomp Aqua Product Information

The only non-staining, low dose pendimethalin for effective weed control.

Stomp has been a cornerstone of weed control strategies for decades with its broadest weed spectrum as well as on-label and off-label crop uses. The only downside was the bright yellow/orange stain it left behind.

Stomp Aqua replaced Stomp 400 SC in 2011 delivering the effective broad spectrum weed control you expect but now with significant user benefits making it by far the most efficient and cost effective straight pendimethalin product on the market:

Product Label | Safety Datasheet | Environmental Information Sheet

Product Profile
Active ingredient:455 g/litre pendimethalin.
Formulation:Capsule suspension.
Pack Size:10 litres in outers of 2.
LERAP:Category B.
Recommended Crops:Spring Barley, Winter Barley, Transplanted Brassicas, Carrots, Bush Fruit, Cane Fruit, Top Fruit, Leeks, Forage Maize, Bulb Onions, Parsnips, Peas, Potatoes, Rye, Winter Strawberries, Sunflowers, Triticale, Durum Wheat and Winter Wheat.
Recommended Rates:Forage Maize 3.3 litres product/hanAll other crops 2.9 litres product/ha.
Water volume:100-200 litres per hectare.
Spray Quality:FINE or MEDIUM.
Maximum no. of treatment:One per crop.
Latest time of application:Refer to product label.
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Stomp Aqua uses BASF Eco-Pack.

Stomp Aqua is packaged in the BASF Eco-Pack which helps to speed up the rinsing process.

  • Central opening.
  • Flexible handle.
  • No foil seals.
  • Embossed logo.
  • Gripping surface.
  • Mono-material.
  • Lightweight design.

Tips to improve work rates:

Reduced travelling time

  • Get as big a sprayer tank as practical.
  • Use lower water rates.
  • Consider extra filling points or bowser/mixer.

Reduced filling time

  • Choose larger can sizes.
  • Use simple tank mixes.
  • Use concentrated formulations.
  • Easy to use formulations.
  • Consider larger capacity pump.

ReducedĀ field work rate

  • Increase boom width.
  • Faster ground speed.
  • Reduce water volumes.

Stomp Aqua, the most efficient pendimethalin.

Try the time saving calculator to see how much time Stomp Aqua can save you. Click here to Learn More