"...I find Stomp Aqua easy to use and very cost-effective. Its residual activity is important too.” I wouldn’t go back to other pendimethalins."

- Alan Grant

"...I was fed up with the EC formulation, so I decided to change to a new cleaner formulation which was Stomp Aqua. Stomp Aqua causes very little staining - the sprayer and all its hosepipes stay the colour they were originally designed to be! I am not sure if I would ever go back to the older formulation, even if it were much cheaper."

- Paul Drinkwater

"...If I were to recommend Stomp Aqua to other farmers, it would be on the basis that it is, first and foremost, a very good and effective herbicide, with the right weeds and no worries about crop safety."

- Mark Lockwood

"...The main benefit we have seen once we have changed to Stomp Aqua is the lack of staining. Its a nice formulation to use too and it doesn’t smell like the older formulations. So we have a herbicide with the benefit of less staining but one that is just as effective in terms of results. We wouldn’t go back to the other staining pendimethalin now."

- Chris and Ian Cockayne

"...Stomp Aqua is much easier to pour than the old formulation and came out of the can quicker. It was also much quicker to fill the sprayer and rinse residue from the cans into the spray tank. Stomp Aqua just flushes through the nozzle with no problems and no blockages. The ease and speed of rinsing the measuring and measuring jugs were clean after one or two rinses."

- Matthew Wood

"...Stomp Aqua is very easy to use. Easy to rinse the cans out, saves time filling the sprayer and does not clog up the site gauge. A joy to use.”

- Michael Gentle

"...We choose Stomp Aqua over other pendimethalins because the high concentration allows lower volumes, less work and less packaging. Our spray operator loves the easy tank washing."

- Matthew Bell

"...Stomp Aqua is everything a chemical should be. The product is easy to use and quick to rinse out, especially in the Eco-Pack. What more can I say."

- Andrew Pitts

"We spend less time filling the sprayer and rinsing cans – it makes a big difference. Stomp Aqua doesn’t stain the sprayer". If you’re a pendimethalin user, I’d recommend Stomp Aqua."

- Phil Jarvis

"...An easy rinse formulation, facilitating faster can washing & significantly reduced sprayer staining issues compared with older 400 SC or PDM330 EC formulations. Higher active ingredient loading per litre also enables the use of fewer cans per sprayer fill-up (i.e. 455g versus 400g/330g) helping increase work rates."

- Peter Cowlrick

Stomp Aqua, the most efficient pendimethalin.

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